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Shoulder Specialist Dr. Joseph Wilson Offers Online Solutions for Shoulder Pain All From The Comfort   Of Your Home Or Office

Expert Shoulder Solutions for the Digital Age

We Understand Your Time Is Valuable

On Demand Shoulder Consults was developed due to the increasing demands on people's time, from the hectic and chaotic world we all live in. Over the past decade, technology has dramatically improved the efficiency and speed in which we communicate, shop, and travel. Amazon delivers packages in under 2 hours, an Uber ride is always a click away, and we expect instant replies from text messages sent at all hours of the day. The world has become increasingly more accessible and convenient all from the comfort of your home and office, and usually from the device in the palm of your hand. 

Unfortunately a visit to the doctor’s office has not experienced these same positive and efficient transformations. Due to rising co-pays, unreasonable deductibles, and ever increasing wait times, the majority of people feel the pain and trouble of going to the doctor is getting significantly worse, not better. People avoid going to the doctor’s office because of the hassle, frustration, and trouble of the entire ordeal. As our lives become increasingly overwhelmed with activities and demands, time has become our single greatest commodity.

At On Demand Shoulder Consults, we understand and respect the fact that your time is valuable.  We promise to provide expert shoulder solutions that fit into your demanding schedule, on your time, and at your convenience.

Expert Solutions On Your Time

With years of medical experience, our shoulder team will assess you and your specific problem and create a custom recovery plan that's right for you. We understand the importance of educating you on the most effective ways to take care of your shoulder, so that you can heal quickly to your daily activities pain free. The majority of shoulder issues can be effectively managed thru medications, therapy, and targeted strengthening exercises without any surgical intervention. Don't keep modifying your lifestyle due to shoulder pain.


Shoulder Experts Who Truly Care

The elite group of physicians selected to provide your care are experts in the management of shoulder pain and problems. They are trained in the most up to date solutions for shoulder issues and are thought leaders in this field.  Not only do they possess the medical knowledge necessary for a successful recovery, but they also possess the necessary empathy, care, and concern for the ongoing pain and discomfort your are experiencing. Something that unfortunately is missing in today's healthcare 


Advantages of On Demand Shoulder Consults


Services Performed Online

One of the big benefits of On Demand Shoulder Consults is that the majority of the services provided in an office setting can be performed online from the comfort of your home or office, No need to live with ongoing neck and shoulder pain. Get a digital shoulder pain diagnosis today. 

Accurate Online Consults

On Demand Shoulder Consults utilizes only Fellowship Trained Board Certified Orthopedic Shoulder Specialists so you will receive an accurate diagnosis each and every time 

Time Is Your Biggest Commodity

On Demand Shouler Consults allows you to receive care on a timeline  that fits best into your active lfestyle. No more wasting time in the waiting room. We bring the shoulder specialist to you. 

Solutions For Shoulder Pain In Our Digital World

Expert Shoulder Advice Without Wasting Your Time